What to Expect from the Modern Digital Workplace


If you think about it, technological advancements build upon their predecessor. It’s easy to forget this as we take advantage of the current digital workplace and all its complex tools. However, it if weren’t for the basic PC, we wouldn’t be where we are today. With so much sophisticated technology around us, it’s only bound to get more interesting.

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Expert: Cameron Dwyer
Senior Software Architect: OnePlace Solutions



Ever since the introduction of the PC into the workplace we have been finding ever more useful ways to harness its potential to save workers from the repetitive manual tasks and let them focus their time on more meaningful tasks.”

Cameron Dwyer sees the digital workplace we experience today as an evolution of previous technological eras that have emerged since the introduction of the PC. For example, the “Paperless Office” era found everyone in the office scrambling to transfer paper files onto computers. This was considered a revolutionary advancement at that time. It’s truly amazing to think about how quickly the digital workplace has advanced.

Social media has exploded and innovative mobile devices allow workers to collaborate anytime, anywhere, with almost anyone. Though it’s all about continuity and change, according to Dwyer the goal still remains the same: simplification.

“To me the digital workplace is to be able to simply open a laptop, anytime, anywhere and do my job… If a bolt of lightning strikes that laptop, I just grab another and within a few hours my workplace is back to where I was.”

How will the digital workplace evolve in the future? In Dwyer’s opinion, the digital workplace has potential to spill over into one’s “digital home life.” Today, programs like Skype and Dropbox are used for both personal and professional purposes. Dwyer believes the industry will create more applications such as these that can be utilized in both the work and home settings.

Tree of Digital Workplace KnowledgeSource: https://roar.pro/youth-ministry-on-social-media-should-be-a-thing-infographic/

The problem now isn’t digitizing information, the problem is how to get the right information to the right people at the right time [with] the right tool.”

The digital workplace has to be navigated carefully. Dwyer notes that the massive amounts of information can be bombarding and users must cope with “all that noise.” With existence of Facebook, Yammer, SharePoint, Twitter, Skype and more, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by emerging social media platforms.

For those who can sift through the excess information, the digital workplace has enormous benefits, Dwyer concludes. Evolving technology has broken down geographical communication barriers. Employees are happier because mobile devices provide more flexibility with work schedules. Organizations are run more efficiently as governance is centralized. There are also environmental benefits, as companies travel less and save paper.

“It’s critical to see the world from the eyes of your users.”

As an expert on end user tools, Dwyer stresses that businesses should provide a personalized cross section of partial systems to users, since users don’t use every aspect of each system. An example is OnePlaceLive, a product Dwyer has been developing with the aim of providing users with accurate and accessible information when they need it.

Those who can filter the endless flow of information will find that there is much to love about the digital workplace. It’s always expanding and only the most progressive tech minds know what’s on the horizon.

We would like to thank Cameron Dwyer for his expertise.

About Cameron Dwyer:
Cameron has a passion for delivering optimized business processes through the application of technology. Over 20 years of experience delivering information worker solutions with leading collaboration and workflow technologies to local and international clients across a variety of industries. Currently focused on Email Management and Document Management on the Office 365 and SharePoint platforms through the development of the OnePlace Solutions product suite.


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