The Before and After of Office 365


People have been saying “the times are changing” since the dawn of, well, time. Times have changed, and what works for decades, centuries even, won’t work forever. A company with a digital workplace that relies on data duplication, crucial information being emailed between managers and employees being sent vital information through a manual system is well due for an update, and rather than website building, Office 365 and through it design UI’s such as LiveTiles is the answer.

While the operation of your team is a major vantage point, the point of any business is to ensure profits. After adopting Office 365 to run their intranet, GameStop was able to save over 700,000 annually after accessing store related data. While the potential to tap into this information is readily available, the amount of manpower and coordination it requires is nearly unthinkable, especially if relying on a data duplication method.

In a recent interview with Microsoft News, Damien Calvert, an IT manager for the Australian Ballet, described the transformative process of using Office 365 through LiveTiles as:

 “The feedback is already incredibly positive. People are liking that they can find information when they search for it – we didn’t have search last time – and they are seeing the potential for the document collaboration and the document sharing. We’re still in the process of on-boarding the dancers and the orchestra members with their own corporate emails accounts…Getting the dancers and orchestra members onboard with their own corporate identities is going to be a huge win because that will help us in the way we communicate with each other.        

Any boost in efficiency can help a company and even though the Australian Ballet and other live entertainment companies wouldn’t necessarily rely on its intranet for profit, a well organized team (especially behind the scenes) ensures continued success.

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With LiveTiles, it’s also possible to personally customize your own intranet with the type of personality and setup that best suits your workplace, like Damien Calvert did:

“The site’s nicknamed Peggy, after [Dame Margaret] ‘Peggy’ van Praagh, the company’s founding Artistic Director. One of the key pieces of Peggy is the productions and seasons pages because a lot of the working materials are focused around a season or a production. With the current season at the Sydney Opera House, there’s a lot of information around casting, scheduling and anything that it takes to put the performance on that night – rosters, ticketing information. So we designed it so that each season, or each production, has its own section where we can put all the information in the one place.” 

Maintaining an intranet personality that caters to your particular company ensures a level of cohesiveness that extends both online and in the physical workplace.

As more companies are switching over to LiveTiles and using Office 365, Identity Management Company Okta surmises that it’s probably because the cloud service includes all the email users send and receive. Another possible reason companies are choosing Office 365 is because of the familiarity many employees already have with Microsoft features like Word, PowerPoint and Excel. There’s not much of a learning curve to adapt to Office 365, which may help explain why it’s more popular than its competitors.

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