Foster Team Collaboration with Beautifully Simple Intranets

Great intranets address the specific needs of the organization. Build pages that connect the disparate applications and resources your people use every day. The easier it is to find and share information, the better your business runs.

Work Smarter and Faster

Building an intranet site from SharePoint is a daunting task in itself, plus
you’ll want to integrate many additional sources of information from
other parts of your existing (and future) tech stack.  LiveTiles’ powerful
tools enable teams to evolve the out-of-the box SharePoint experience
into an agile custom intranet and intelligent workplace experience. 

Unify Your Organizations

Access and manage everything you need from a single location,
regardless of the platforms you work on.

Drag and drop

LiveTiles’ drag and drop tools make creating an
intranet from SharePoint not only faster, but a lesser expense
and business risk than custom developing an intranet or getting 
locked into an intranet-in-a-box solution that won’t flex with
your changing needs.


Create and deploy virtual assistants inside your intranet to
allow your employees to easily locate what they need, whether
they are looking for benefit information to the latest CEO update. 
Bots will get them what they need quickly and efficiently.

Optimize with Analytics

Track intranet site usage information visually and numerically, so you can
intelligently evolve your sites to meet your employees’ needs.

LiveTiles helps you deliver these results with two product lines

LiveTiles Design

Build an intelligent workplace that fosters collaboration, creativity, and makes accessing resources easy.

Livetiles bots

Bridge the gap between human and artificial intelligence to get the most out of your systems and your day.

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