Put the Team in Teams

Through system integrations and flows, deliver your intelligent workplace entirely in MS Teams.

Better together

Through system integrations and flows, deliver information and tools from all applications and services entirely in MS Teams.


Add layers of automatic or manual approval to ensure every new team is created with a clearly defined purpose.


Create new teams based on fixed templates and allow users to intuitively establish groups with the right level of security and governance.

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LiveTiles provides the platform to create customized digital workplaces in a single day, where teams can easily access applications, resources and more—from one central place.

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LiveSmiles is a movement to accelerate the discussion of wellness into an active and intrinsic part of work, and to ultimately drive happier and healthier people both at work and at home.
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Mobile App

Mobile App

Empower your employees to work anywhere, anytime with a customized mobile app that employees can access from an iOS or Android device. All this without the time, cost and risks associated with customized cross-platform app development.
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