Content Management

Simplify Your CMS

Publishing content no longer needs to be a time-consuming process requiring significant IT support. Create a centralized platform for content and third-party integrations, so you can champion user adoption and quickly get your teams the information they need.

Deliver a Stellar User Experience

LiveTiles makes it easy for you and your employees to create, publish, and manage content.

Intuitive Design

Easily organize your sites in a matter of minutes with drag-and-drop design to deliver a seamless experience across devices and time zones.

Discover how to design for cross-device functionality with LiveTiles MX.

Single-Click Access

Everything workers need is at their fingertips with sites tailored for specific roles and department-relevant views of the business.

Learn how LiveTiles Design can help you build an all-in-one solution to address your unique internal content management needs.

Analytic Insights

LiveTiles Intelligence enables you to see how employees are interacting with your content, with heat maps and analytics, so you can take a data-driven approach to CMS design.

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