From Digital Workplace to Intelligent Workplace

Designing an intelligent workplace doesn’t have to be a risk. Use real time analytics to understand how users are engaging with your page and enhance their experience.

Optimize Your UX with Advanced Analytics

LiveTiles Design enables you to track your site usage and perform real-world testing on your intelligent workplace. These advanced analytics, that we call LiveTiles Intelligence, empower you to make informed UX decisions and deliver the best possible user experience for your teams. 

Visualize Intranet Usage

Rich data reporting and heat map visuals provide you with insight into how your colleagues interact with your intelligent workplace, so you can evolve with your teams’ changing needs.

Perform Data-Driven Design

Designers can justify their choices with real page usage metrics, avoiding a costly trial-and-error design project that draws your technical team’s skills away from higher value work.

Enhance Productivity

The kind of dashboard that has long been the companion of webmasters and digital marketers can now be utilized by those managing the success of their newly intelligent workplace.