Meet all today's needs without losing the ability to change for tomorrow's developments.

Build your very own intelligent workplace from scratch, or use our pre-templated page designs and information architecture to help you build the perfect solution.

LiveTiles helps you build intranets that connect the disparate applications and resources your people use every day. The easier it is to find and share information,
the better your business runs.

LiveTiles makes it easy for teams to overcome any communication hurdles by providing a dynamic platform that can support all types of business communications.

Publishing content no longer needs to be a time-consuming process requiring significant IT support – LiveTiles makes it easy for you and your employees to create, publish, and manage content.

With LiveTiles Bots creating, deploying, and managing a team of virtual assistants that can automate away repetitive tasks add AI to your digital workplace is quick and easy.

LiveTiles enables you to track your site usage and perform real-world testing on your intelligent workplace, optimizing your UX in real time.

See firsthand how your business could benefit: