General FAQ

When you request a demo, we will set up a meeting to demonstrate our products. 

After the meeting you will get access to a demo environment hosted by LiveTiles, which has the LiveTiles Design app pre-installed on it. You will be able to use LiveTiles Design without restriction in this environment.

We try our best to reach out and set up a demo as quickly as possible, but it can take up to 48 hours. If you haven’t heard from us 48 hours after reaching out, please contact support@livetiles.nyc

In order to get access to the trial, you do need to log in using the provided details.

If you are currently logged into Office 365 with a pre-existing account, you can follow one of the two options:

1. You can access the provided LiveTiles trial environment by opening a new incognito/ private browser window, then log in with the username and password we’ve provided, or :

2. Log out of your Office 365 account, then log in using the username and password we’ve provided.

In order to get more information about pricing, please visit our Pricing page. 

If you have further questions, you can get in touch with our sales team at sales@livetiles.nyc.

This will get you in contact with our sales team, who will be able to give you more information and answer any licensing questions.

In order to purchase LiveTiles, please email sales@livetiles.nyc. This will get you in contact with our sales team, who will be able to get the product in your hands as fast as possible.

Yes we can! Check out our LiveTiles Bots FAQ below!

LiveTiles Bots FAQ

LiveTiles Bots are a productivity enhancer than can act as a natural language interface for a user providing a more intuitive user experience than traditional “hunt-pick-and-click” or “type-search-and-hope” methods. 

The possibilities are endless, but some common uses fall into 3 traditional categories where businesses can easily relate:

  1. Human Resources Self Service – new employee onboarding, policy and compliance questions, leave accrual queries, help with online forms, etc.
  2. IT Self Service – Creating service tickets, getting service ticket status, getting information on system availability and uptime, etc.
  3. Customer Service – offsetting valuable live person time on repeatable operations like: answering questions that are in KB articles, giving driving directions, help with website interface, etc.

LiveTiles capitalizes on its extensive partnership with Microsoft, and Microsoft’s industry leading framework technologies such as Microsoft Cognitive Services and Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS), both provided on the Azure cloud platform.  With these frameworks and the natural integration with other Azure capabilities such as Flow, PowerApps, Office365, etc., extensive and complicated customer integrations can be performed in much less time, and with much less effort.

They could, but most “bot products” that are hitting the fledgling market today are platforms and not deployable products yet.  This is not dissimilar to the early days of workflow automation, where there were workflow APIs available, or overly simplistic implementations of workflows in larger products (content approval workflows in CMS products for instance). 

If the customer wanted a meaningful workflow that fit their business case, they had to resort to custom development on their own, or engage an System Integrator (SI) company to do it for them.  The same is true today, however LiveTiles is pioneering the use of bot ‘configuration’ instead of ‘customization’ to minimize cost and time to market for meaningful bot implementations.

The LiveTiles Bot platform aims to provide a continuously growing “bot assembly plant” for the customer, complete with a reusable library of bot actions, deployable interfaces, and behaviors that can be spun up with low-code/no-code effort.  This is consistent with LiveTiles’ core tenant which puts the power into the customer’s hands, and provides an amazing end user experience. 

The real differentiator with LiveTiles Bots, however, is realized in the significant development effort that has gone into Natural Language Processing (NLP) that most vendors have missed.  This is the “secret sauce” that allows a bot to understand what a person means when they say “I want to book leave”, when the bot was actually programmed to recognize “I want to schedule vacation”. 

The capability for LiveTiles Bots to do this in a live environment is the difference between a bot failing and succeeding, and the customer trying to error-handle in circles because they cannot predict the input of the user.

LiveTiles Bots will likely never be the star of the next Terminator movie, nor are they intended to replace the valuable investment in human capability within an organization. 

However, deployed alongside their human counterparts executing repeatable tasks, or tasks that can be accomplished with information that is already available digitally in the enterprise allows for people to solve more complex problems, focus on new capability and growth, or spend more meaningful time with valuable customers. 

Specifically, if there is an organization with an overburdened SME that is having to make choices on what “thing” to attend to, they could be repurposed to manage a group of bots that do those tasks, and then focus on exception-based interactions which in turn, “train” the bots to do better and better through learning capability.

LiveTiles Bots can communicate on many different mediums, including but not limited to:

  • Webpage
  • Mobile Application
  • SMS/Text
  • Voice Recognition
  • Slack
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Email
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Yammer
  • Skype/Skype for Business

The interface that the bot is communicating on can theoretically be deployed anywhere, however the frameworks “under the hood” are part of Microsoft’s Azure AI platform which is subscribed to in the cloud.

In many cases our customers elect to deploy the bot interface to a website or mobile application, both of which are easily done with a LiveTiles Tile deployed on Designer and/or the MX product for mobile apps.

We can still help!  In most cases the customer may have fallen into several common pitfalls, which almost always include trying to do too much too quick, or try to “boil the ocean” by creating a bot that does a lot of things marginally rather than any one thing really well.  LiveTiles has capability and experience to guide around these issues, and tools that help with integrations and other mountains that we can effectively make molehills.

The back-end frameworks leveraged for LiveTiles Bots are a Microsoft Azure platform capability and would, most likely, require the customer to consume specific Azure services if they have not already done so. 

In short, there is not necessarily a pre-requisite, but a result that might need to be adhered to in order to take advantage of our offering.

Given the methodology of defining a clear business problem that a bot implementation can effectively solve and establishing clear success criteria, the ROI should be measured in weeks or months, not years. 

The value of the toolset that LiveTiles is deploying also means that the customer can keep deploying bots and tweaking existing ones to make sure they keep up with the ebb and flow of their business as it changes.

Need More help?

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