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Get teams up and running with mobile-friendly solutions and empower staff to work anywhere, anytime.

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LiveTiles MX Features

LiveTiles MX is a powerful add-on for your LiveTiles platform. Provide employees the modern day flexibility they expect with custom apps built from the LiveTiles responsive page canvas.
Deployable to Google Play and the App Store for download.

LiveTiles MX Benefits

Equip staff with customized apps tailored to meet specific department and team needs for a seamless user experience across devices.

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Multiply resources

Turn anyone into a design jedi with 40+ preconfigured tiles,
and get teams up and running in a single day.

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Make it Mobile

Create responsive mobile sites with our user-friendly page canvas
and give employees the freedom to work anytime, anywhere.

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Improve IT life

Dev teams can switch up page content with just a few clicks,
drags or touches and still have time for custom code.

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Stay connected

Get staff revved, ready and excited with integrated social
networks for continuous communication and collaboration.

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One-click access

Everything workers need at their fingertips with tailored sites
for specific roles and department relevant views of the business.

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Upgrade engagement

Create customized, branded department sites
and employee portals to enhance the internal company brand.

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