LiveTiles Everywhere

Traverse Your Digital Workplace

LiveTiles Everywhere on Laptop

LiveTiles Everywhere is like a teleportation device for your digital workplace. This ever-present panel lets you effortlessly slide between core business tools while working on the go in MS Teams and SharePoint.

Materialise the essentials

Summon the tools you need to complete your mission. Light up and launch the most relevant corporate content and business functionality. Reveal and conceal business apps, personal links, service menus, and more, in a few clicks.

Platforms unite!

Everywhere seamlessly integrates with your SharePoint and Teams environments.  Universally available from the left-hand side in SharePoint and the header in Teams, Everywhere unites your intranet with this power-couple of platforms.

Right on target

Deliver personalized and customized content to whomever you choose. Populate your panel with content and functionality relevant to everyone across your organisation then curate information targeted to specific audiences and groups.

The search is over

Save time searching intranet pages to find what you need. Quickly access your core functionality, content, and business tools unified in both SharePoint and Teams.  Wherever you’re working, Everywhere is there. 

Launch at warp speed

As a complete cloud application the installation and onboarding process is lighting fast and code-free.  Automatically connect and deploy the LiveTiles Everywhere application to your SharePoint environment within minutes.   

Revolutionize your intranet with LiveTiles

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