LiveTiles MX

Mobilize your workforce

Data is becoming more dynamic and distributed, and so is your workforce.

LiveTiles MX is an enhancement to LiveTiles Design that equips you with customized applications tailored to meet specific team and departmental needs for a seamless user experience across devices.

LiveTiles MX Benefits

Empower your employees to work anywhere, anytime.

Flexible Workplace

Employees can access your mobile intranet regardless of where they reside, whether they work on a laptop, phone, or tablet.  

One-Click Access

Everything users need is right at their fingertips, with mobile experiences tailored to specific roles and department-relevant views of the business accessible directly from their home screens.

Employee Connectivity

It’s now easier than ever to establish continuous communication and collaboration with integrated social networks and business communication tools.

LiveTiles MX Features

Customizable Mobile Application

Customize apps for your mobile devices that deliver immediate access to the specific resources you need, based on your role.

LiveTiles Responsive Canvas

LiveTiles automatically optimizes the user interface (UI) of your applications across all device platforms, making it easy to change content on the fly.

Quick Deployment

Streamline access to your custom mobile applications by making them available to everyone via the App Store and Google Play.

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