Take your intelligent workplace
to the next level.

LiveTiles site wide Intelligence gives you a real-time view into the metrics that enable you to quickly adapt and ensure the success and adoption of your LiveTiles Design portals and intranets. 

LiveTiles Intelligence Benefits


The site usage and visitor information provided through LiveTiles Intelligence enable you to continuously adapt your workplace to your employees’ changing usage habits at minimal cost.


The adaptability offered in LiveTiles Intelligence’s insights and tools empowers you to save on costly redesign or redevelopment projects by making smart changes on the fly, delivering a more robust ROI from your intelligent workplace.

Site wide Intelligence Features

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Detailed visitor insights

Dig deep into granular user data, with the ability to see visitors’ departments, geographic locations, and device types to pinpoint where engagement can improve. 


Flexible Time Periods

In site wide Intelligence, usage metrics are available for any time period. Measure the impact of a redesign over three weeks, three months, or more.

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Broad Scope of User Activity

Gain a birds-eye view of user activity across all the pages in a site, while simultaneously being able to get a granular view of specific components on a page.

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