LiveTiles Bots: Team

Your Team's Virtual Assistant

Every team operates differently, so why shouldn’t your virtual assistants?

Decentralized creation makes LiveTiles Bots perfect for teams. As your team scales, bots can be customized, tested, and updated in real-time to meet your unique needs, maximizing team productivity over the long-term.

Team Bot Benefits

Build bots that know your team’s needs and speak to your team’s systems.

Democratize Information

Give your team members the ability to access disparate information systems they use on a daily basis.

Automate Workload Provisioning

LiveTiles Bots can facilitate delegation by algorithmically determining which team members should assume new assignments based on their existing workload.

Streamline Onboarding

Create bots that utilize data from existing training materials to provide new hires with helpful information as they learn the ropes of their new role and team.

Team Bot Features

Rapid Deployment

The LiveTiles Bot Builder enables teams to create, test, and deploy bots in a matter of minutes across multiple channels, so multiple teams get an immediate productivity boost.

Decentralized Bot Creation

Your team knows what it needs. Avoid IT red tape and deploy LiveTiles Bots on the systems that your team uses, when and where they need them.

Centralized Management Interface

Teams can control the number of LiveTiles Bots, their configurations, and overall governance from a single pane of glass.  

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