LiveTiles Bots: Personal

Your Personal Virtual Assistant

Historically, the long-term management, adoption issues, and cost of artificial intelligence (AI)
deployments required that bots be designed for general organizational use. LiveTiles Bots is a custom bot builder that can be tailored to any individual role, team, or organization, reducing the time, cost, and risk associated with traditional AI.

Personal Virtual Assistant Benefits

Get rid of mundane, repetitive tasks and take back your day!

Highly Customizable

Alter bots to accommodate your personal working style, tasks, and comfort level interacting with AI.

Enhanced Efficiency

Maximize your productivity over the long term while streamlining customization, optimizing expenses, and reducing risk with bots and AI.  

Build for the Future

Create your very own intelligent workplace, powered by artificial intelligence, so you can innovate faster.

Personal Virtual Assistant Features

Rapid Deployment

The LiveTiles Bot builder enables you to create and deploy individual bots in a matter of minutes, so you get an immediate productivity boost.

Decentralized Bot Creation

Decentralized bot creation assures user adoption by allowing users to configure their personal bots with only the abilities they need, so you can avoid creating IT bottlenecks.

Centralized Management Interface

LiveTiles Bots is built on the Azure Bot Framework, enabling you to control the number of bots you deploy and their configurations from a single location.

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