LiveTiles Bots: External

Your Virtual Ambassador

Now, more than ever, customers and employees alike are gravitating toward messaging platforms. LiveTiles Bots enables you to build an external-facing, intelligent chatbot to serve as a liaison between your organization and potential clients, and connect with other businesses’ bots to schedule meetings and facilitate correspondence.

External Bot Benefits

Make sure you can connect with your customers wherever they are.


Create as many custom bots as you need to support your business – LiveTiles Bots can build them all.

Easy to Customize

Choose from pre-set or customize abilities within our conversational interface, easily connecting your bot with legacy systems.

Platform Agnostic

Don’t worry about which platforms you use to interact with customers. LiveTiles can embed intelligent chatbots in public webpages or deployed across multiple channels.  

External Bot Features

Rapid Deployment

The LiveTiles Bot Builder allows you to create and deploy in a matter of minutes, enabling you to spin up a virtual ambassador almost immediately.

Decentralized Bot Creation

Decentralized bot creation enables you to avoid IT red tape and create bots for different public-facing roles by tailoring their abilities.

Centralized Management

You can control all external-facing bots, their configurations, and governance from a single interface.

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