LiveTiles Bots: Enterprise

Virtual Assistants for Your Enterprise

Until now, enterprise deployments of Artificial Intelligence (AI) took a considerable amount of time to develop and deliver. Moreover, they were likely to fail due to user adoption and long-term management issues.

LiveTiles Enterprise Bots deliver support services across your organization so employees can work smarter and faster at scale.

Enterprise Bot Benefits

Enterprise-ready AI with the power to immediately skyrocket productivity.

Unified Teams

Streamline operations and communications with an enterprise-wide support resource so employees can easily get answers to their questions.

Maximized Employee Productivity

Bridge the gap between human and artificial intelligence, automating mundane, repetitive tasks so your enterprise operations staff can focus on innovation.


Evolve bot’s abilities, word recognition, and conversational style to suit organizational changes, without impacting your long-term intelligent workplace strategy.

Enterprise Bot Features

Rapid Deployment

The LiveTiles Bot Builder allows you to deploy enterprise bots across your organization in a matter of minutes, instantly boosting productivity.  

Decentralized Bot Creation

Decentralized bot creation assures user adoption by allowing enterprise operations staff to configure their bots with only the abilities they need, avoiding IT bottlenecks.

Centralized Management Interface

LiveTiles Bots’ user-friendly interface delivers control over the number of bots and their configuration in one location.

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