Intelligent Workplace

The complete enterprise solution

LiveTiles Intelligent Workplace

LiveTiles Intelligent Workplace brings together all the elements for a complete enterprise solution – artificial intelligence, analytics, mobile experiences, portal design and enhanced support.

Fast to deploy, Intelligent Workplace is innovation in a box, able to connect to your disparate technologies, cut through chaos and deliver experiences ahead of the curve.


Working smarter with intelligent technology is relegated to a hopeful future-state for most enterprises. Intelligent Workplace is bringing that state into the present.

superior productivity

Integrating artificial intelligence doesn’t necessarily mean replacing humans with robots – but rather enhancing and refocusing human effort to ensure greater efficiencies and outcomes are achieved using bots via numerous use cases, tailored to your business requirements. 

optimize USER adoption

With real time analytics, smart decisions can be made to continually evolve user experiences based on data, not hearsay.  Heat maps, deep insights at both the page and site level give administrators greater powers to drive adoption.

we are here to support you

Our built-in support model for the Intelligent Workplace includes a global team of highly skilled innovation and success managers, a committed product road map, and a suite of resources to ensure your transition to Intelligent Workplace is seamless.  

Fast to deploy and AGILE

The LiveTiles Intelligent Workplace platform is designed to be fast to deploy, easy to evolve. Tomorrow’s needs at your fingertips today, ensuring you are always at the ready to keep your people ahead of the curve, not buried in legacy. 

Intelligent Workplace Features

Drag-and-Drop Design

Publish slick and modern workplace portals on SharePoint – unify disparate data sources via REST APIs and JavaScript. 

Artificial Intelligence

Build and deploy bots for a variety of use cases: HR, Marketing, Sales, QnA, Personal Assistants, Employee Onboarding and more.


Drive adoption. Use real time analytics to understand how users are engaging and enhance their experience.


Empower employees to work anywhere, anytime with state of the art mobile and app experiences.