Bring your company directory to life

Profile information is critical to the success of your intelligent workplace and vital to team collaboration. Hyperfish ensures your directory and profile information is always complete and up-to-date.

Hyperfish understands what’s missing or incorrect from your directory and profiles, and automatically starts a conversation with your employees (wherever they may be) to collect and validate their information. The secure service supports online, hybrid, and on-premises environments.


improve IT service delivery

Eliminate the need to update employee profiles manually – Hyperfish’s AI and Bot technology notifies and prompts employees to update their missing or incorrect profile information.

increase engagement

Enable your employees to find and connect with colleagues across the organization.

reduce risk

Lower risk of sending information to the wrong person, or of displaying inappropriate profile information.

unlock value

Unlock value and deliver new capability across Office 365 – including Org Chart, Delve and Dynamic group membership.

Hyperfish Features

Sharepoint web part

Highlight your employee profiles on your intranet, where employees can easily track their profile completion and make updates.

Profile photo validation

Hyperfish uses artificial intelligence to validate profile photos. This allows you to limit Profile photos to one face and weed out cartoon characters, pets, and inappropriate images.


Determine which profile information requires approval and by whom before changes are written to your intelligent workplace and systems of record.

User collections

Collect and manage specific information from defined groups of employees, and apply customized settings for approvals, branding, attributes, and email.

Attribute Formats

Achieve consistent profile information across all employees through attribute rules including phone number formats and drop downs.