Workplace Solutions - Make it Powerful, Intelligent and Personal

Make it Modern.

Move forward, make it modern with LiveTiles' workplace solutions.

By joining forces with Wizdom and Hyperfish, LiveTiles has the complete and integrated story for your Modern SharePoint journey. We give you the power to evolve, extend, personalize and protect your Modern SharePoint experience.

Modern SharePoint offers you an incredible Intranet experience. However, we understand that a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work for all organizations. With our workplace solutions, You can make your Modern SharePoint Intranet exponentially more powerful by customizing it to meet your unique business requirements and user needs.

We make it intelligent

  • Adapt intranet layouts to user needs with real-time insights and metrics
  • Customize your intranet with flexible branding tools
  • Protect sensitive and confidential data with intelligent security

We make it powerful

  • Manage Teams with built in provisioning, governance & collaboration tools
  • Extend Modern SharePoint with enterprise class capabilities

We make it personal

  • Keep your employee directory continually updated
  • Bring your employee directory to life with dynamic org charts & targeted personalization

We are here to help no matter where you are on your Modern SharePoint Journey, so you can get more out of your current investment and build an intelligent workplace that significantly improves the speed and access to information in your organization.

Move forward with our leading modern workplace solutions and request your interest to see how you can enhance your SharePoint experience.

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