LiveTiles CPO Simon Tyrrell speaks to CMSWire on AI in the digital workplace

We were Incredibly excited to see our very own Chief Product Officer, Simon Tyrrell, featured in a CMSWire article about AI’s potential to mitigate the flood of information in the digital workplace.

At LiveTiles, we know artificial intelligence (AI) will upend the way users interact with their technology across industries — and we’re proud to be at the forefront with our LiveTiles Bots and LiveTiles Intelligence products.

The article references several expert opinions on AI’s potential to sift and prioritize the flow of information in the digital workplace, turning it into an intelligent, user-driven workplace.  Our favorite quote from Simon is below:

“[The notion] that the machines will do everything is not going to lead to great solutions. AI is not empathetic, it doesn’t understand human emotion, so although AI is useful, you need to have humans in the loop.” — Simon Tyrrell, CPO at LiveTiles, quoted in “Is AI the Answer to Digital Workplace Noise Pollution?” via CMSWire

Interested in how LiveTiles is using AI to create intelligent workplaces? Read more about it and sign up for a demo of LiveTiles Bots here.

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