In the upcoming weeks we will be launching LiveSmiles, your free intelligent wellness solution, globally.

We will be sharing more information on LiveSmiles soon, but we need your help to turn broad awareness of the movement into a genuinely engaging solution for employers and employees alike.

Whether you’re interested in LiveSmiles for your organisation, partnering with us, or simply want to contribute and help shape the solution – please be sure to register your interest below.

What is LiveSmiles?

LiveSmiles is a movement to accelerate the discussion of wellness into an active and intrinsic part of work, and to ultimately drive happier and healthier people both at work and at home.

LiveSmiles is a combination of tech, expertise, connection, advocacy and giving, and is dependent on the good will of individuals and the overall collective good within our community.

LiveSmiles is not a product for sale, it is a movement and opportunity for each of us to make a difference to the world in our own capacities.

Why LiveSmiles

At the end of 2018 Peter and Karl reflected on the year past and what they wanted from the year ahead. Peter established a “mini-purpose” around happiness.

After much research and  discussions, the light-bulb flicked on. Peter’s purpose wasn’t just to try and drive happiness/wellness for his family, colleagues and their families, it was to use this opportunity with LiveTiles to drive happiness in a much bigger way through the tech we have built.

So we brought an internal team of passionate people together and discussed whether we could build something on top of LiveTiles technology and bring it to the world. In June and July 2018 we developed the first concepts and got a team of experts to review and further develop the LiveSmiles solution.

In August 2018 Microsoft passionately threw their support behind the initiative, and are looking to become not just our global launch partner, but one of our first users of LiveSmiles.

The LiveSmiles solution and our roles

“ We want to connect employers with employees on the subject of wellness. ”
“ We want to connect companies and their people with expertise that already exists on the subject of wellness (be a voice for the wellness industry). ”
“ We want to create the tech platform to allow employers to take wellness seriously and to manage it from one place (and keep it simple). ”
“ We want the LiveSmiles solution to engage with employees and track their progress on wellness, leveraging AI where possible. ”
“ We want wellness to be intrinsic to daily life, not an after-thought, and we believe companies play a huge role in this transformation – with LiveSmiles, there is now no excuse for organisations to not try. ”

Technical Components

LiveSmiles v1 tech pre-requisites

Requires Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint (planning for non-Office 365 versions in subsequent releases)

What we provide (at no cost!)

Some LiveSmiles ideas...

Our Roles...


– Build the tech
– Initiate the community
– Drive awareness
– Listen and learn from the community
– Grow the community

Our Partners

– Tell your customers about it
– Join the community
– Extend LiveSmiles to add more value to your customers


– Help us learn
– Join the community
– Become an official LiveSmiles Partner
– Advocate and share with your customers to deliver more value to them


– Advocate! – LinkedIn, social, verbal etc.
– Join the community
– Help us design the solution
– Connect us with others, grow the community

Potential Customers

– Tell us what you are looking for in a solution
– Join the community
– Learn more about the value of the underlying LiveTiles technology that LiveSmiles gives you (for free)

Current Customers

– Plan to implement LiveSmiles
– Join the community
– Talk to your LiveTiles Customer Success Manager on ways to begin process now
– Nominate to be a launch customer, and share your story of wellness to others

The plan

Current roadmap for LiveSmiles:

LiveSmiles Today

Drive community awareness and involvement, build the product.

LiveSmiles V1 Launch

Planned for November 2018

LiveSmiles V2 Launch​

LiveSmiles for K-12

LiveSmiles V3 Launch​

LiveSmiles for Aged Care

Upcoming key dates:

LiveSmiles interactive Design-Thinking sessions

Dates and format to be determined imminently.  Join the community and stand-by for details on this

LiveSmiles launch events in November

Local Australia events in Hobart, Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth

Other events across APAC, EMEA and AMERICAS will be planned shortly too

Registration Details TBD

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