Employee Directory Software

Our Employee Directory brings together employee information into an easy search experience in Office 365.

This is a feature within the LiveTiles platform that functions as an employee directory software. It works in conjunction with our AI and Bot technology, ensuring your employee information is always accurate and up to date.

Real time search

The directory searches employee profiles—directly from the information’s source, not from an out of date search index.

Advanced filtering

Our directory allows employees to apply multiple filters to quickly find the right people.

Advanced configuration

The employee profile cards can be configured to display the most important information, right where people want it.

Classic & modern

The web part works in both classic and modern SharePoint pages and LiveTiles Page Designer.

All in one place

Through our Integration Framework, you can connect all your systems where employee information lives, including your HRIS.

Employee engagement

The directory software enables employees to quickly find and learn about colleagues.

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