Wizdom Intelligent Intranet

Our award-winning AI-powered intranet solutions have been designed with three principles in mind:

make it about people, make it intelligent, make it simple.

Make it about people

Employee experience

Give employees an intelligent intranet experience with targeted content, powerful search and bot capabilities.

org chart

Quickly and easily explore the entire organizational chart, find where an employee sits in the company, their contact details and expertise.


Employee wellbeing

Set up a dedicated wellbeing portal for the most important asset in your company. Empower your people with self-improvement resources.

Make it intelligent


Gain an overview of user activity across site pages, as well as a granular view of specific page components. Make changes quickly to improve user experiences.

Intelligent assistants

Let people focus on the work that matters most. Automate mundane, repetitive tasks. Create personal, team, enterprise and external assistants with a range of abilities.

Intelligent directory

Eliminate the need to manually update employee profiles. Our bot technology prompts employees to update profile information.

Make it simple


Simple to build

Build flexible bot and intranet solutions, quickly adapt them to the evolving needs of your business.

Simple to brand

Maintain a strong and consistent brand identity by tailoring colors, styles and templates in a central console.

Simple to integrate

Integrate with Office 365 apps, third-party business applications and CRM systems and more.

Test Drive our Platform

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