Integrate Sway and Office 365

Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 application Sway, is a tool that makes customizable presentations, tutorials and newsletters for office and educational use.

Integrate Sway and Office 365


 It’s more than a replacement for presentation software, “Sway allows anyone to create a beautiful website from just images and text without any effort” (Warren).

Sway builds on prior functionalities in the presentation space:

Sway is really an example of a new class of software that lets you create “stories,” . . . a simple way to craft your words and images into a well-designed, easily and appealingly navigable presentation that can be viewed on the Web (Muchmore).

In creating a Sway “story,” you have both a website and a presentation in cloud storage. As a result of the cloud component, new synergies are created in the design aspect. Developers will notice that “Microsoft is taking an interesting approach with Sway, using the company’s powerful Azure cloud servers to suggest page layouts and quickly render content on the fly” (Warren). Azure consists of a combination of tools and managed services operated through the Microsoft cloud. LiveTiles Team Lead & Technical Architect Erik Ralston notes that Azure offers an array of “great content for developers.” Sway is one of the latest examples.

Integrate sway and Office 365


Sway also has broad applications for education, specifically for those who regularly present material live. Many classes are lecture-based. Professors are, as a whole, interested in improving their delivery. Educators have also noted that Sway has been helpful in creating more innovative holiday concert cards, event fliers and seminars for colleagues (“Sway Use”). On the student side, there is an increasing emphasis on the frequency of assigned presentations and projects. Sway allows students to go beyond the PowerPoint, even though it would be fairly cutting edge for them to do so. Most college students still use PowerPoint, even though Sway and Prezi are available and user-friendly. This trend is likely to change in the coming years.

Sway offers a number of benefits in both the professional and academic space. To further simplify your life, you can integrate Sway into your digital workplace with LiveTiles Design.

To embed a Sway presentation into your digital workplace using LiveTiles Design, click on Sway’s “Share” tab. Then move along past the social media sites until you get to the ellipses, on the far right. A popup will appear that will have the title “Embed this sway.” It will also have a code. Copy the code. Then open your LiveTiles Design canvas. Click on the “Code snippet” icon. Drag and drop the icon. Open the gear-shaped “Configure” settings. Then you can enter the code and adjust the size of the tile. Save the page and view the site.

Your presentation is now embedded. It can be that easy. Wow your colleagues or fellow classmates with an amazing Sway presentation, just like that.


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