Groundbreaking Digital Trends: Nintex Workflows Impress

In the ten years it’s been in existence, Nintex has become the industry leader in workflows. “Nintexing,” or creating custom workflows through Nintex, is now practiced by “more than 5,000 public and private organizations in 90 countries,” this equates to literally millions of workflows being produced every day. Document creation and workflow is now easy for IT experts and regular users. In fact, Nintex workflows make collaboration and teamwork a central theme of their products.

Does Nintex Offer Cloud-Based Applications?

They will soon. Nintex currently comes in two forms, “Nintex Workflow For SharePoint” and the new “Nintex Workflow For Office 365.” They are committed to the future of both. Nintex is also preparing a cloud version, which runs independently of Office 365 and SharePoint. Nintex Cloud will still work with SharePoint, but “Ninsters,” as employees call themselves, were noticing that the standard Nintex Workflow product required more expertise in SharePoint than they were comfortable with. Nintex Cloud was built to solve that problem. Like Nintex, LiveTiles Design integrates with SharePoint and Office 365 and we also have an Azure-based cloud product for digital design. LiveTiles and Nintex are continuing to emphasize that we are both continuing our longstanding partnerships with SharePoint to help its millions of users make the most out of the program suite and even expand its capabilities. Have a look for yourself to see the difference. Interested partners and users are always interested in seeing Nintex Workflow examples. Nintex offers demos for a number of different business needs, including employee onboarding for human resources departments, and Nintex support is easy to reach in case users have questions.

Where Can I get a Nintex Workflow Tutorial or Speak to Ninsters in Person?

Nintex has been and will continue to be a regular attendee at Microsoft’s Annual Ignite Conference, which is the major Microsoft partner conference. See the Nintex Twitter feed to keep up with their conference schedule. LiveTiles also attends many of the same conferences, so come say hello to our team as well! LiveTiles Chief Architect Erik Ralston was at Ignite, and when I mentioned Nintex he instantly spoke up “Nintex had one of the best displays at Ignite that didn’t feature a car.”

Groundbreaking Digital Trends: Nintex Workflows Impress

Above: The Nintex display, as seen at Gitex Tech Week 2016 

Apparently there were a few flashy displays that were hard not to notice at Ignite this year. With about $100 million in annual sales, Nintex doesn’t need a car to get the attention of business and technology leaders. Just look at the case of Premier Oil out of Vietnam, they regularly work with hundreds of vendors. As a result, document management became a major problem that cost them time and money. Forms were actually done manually prior to Nintex, and when you multiply that by the number of companies Premier worked with, “the document controller’s work was similar to that of an air-traffic controller.” Nintex is also loaded with intelligent functionalities that make business easier. For example, “the Lazy Approval feature means that if approval is needed from an external stakeholder, a manager only has to click a button instead of spending time collating information and drafting an approval request.” That’s a big help for Premier, but also for anyone who works with external vendors or wants to use an external portal. That’s the kind of innovative business tools we wanted to bring our partners and subscribers. If you’re not using Nintex yet, we think you’ll soon want to try it for yourself for your workflow needs.

How Do I Create Nintex Workflows using LiveTiles?

LiveTiles Software Developer Trey Miller recently developed a Nintex Tile for our digital design canvas. Software QA Analyst Joel Rieck announced that, “The Nintex Workflow Tile utilizes the Nintex Workflow for Office App in SharePoint, and allows created workflows to be run.” Joel also thinks users would be interested in knowing that the LiveTiles Nintex Tile will be able to pull from any saved workflow. Drag and drop the Nintex Tile onto the canvas. The Nintex Tile text defaults to “Start Workflow.” This text can be modified to say, for example, “Team Project Review Workflow.”  Fonts can also be adjusted, as they normally are for other tiles. The tile can be displayed vertically or horizontally. The Nintex Tile is currently set up to run from the root site collection, but this can be adjusted. All of your published Nintex workflows can be found in the Workflow Drop. Start Parameters allows for modification of the behavior of variables in the workflow. You may have variables created within the Nintex Workflow SharePoint App, but our developers have made it so that they can be modified in the Nintex Workflow Tile. When running the workflow in the end user page view, clicking the tile will convert the Nintex logo into a spinning wheel.  The wheel will spin as the workflow processes. The wheel will then change to reveal a checkmark. In rare instances, a small “X” will appear if it does not succeed.  This is usually due to a server issue. Re-running the tile will resolve the issue.

If you have complex workflow requirements, a Nintex partner portal could be the solution you’re looking for. A Nintex download will get you on the road. Or, show up at one of the conferences Nintex attends and request a Nintex workflow tutorial. And if you decide that Nintex is the right tool for your workflows, we at LiveTiles have already made it available for you in our designer.

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