Mobile App

Empower your employees to work anywhere, anytime with a customized mobile app that employees can access from an iOS or Android device. All this without the time, cost and risks associated with customized cross-platform app development.

Flexible workplace

Access your mobile intranet anywhere, anytime.

One-click access

Everything at your fingertips with mobile experiences tailored to roles and departments.

Employee connectivity

Easy to establish continuous communication and collaboration with integrated social networks and business communication tools.


Customize mobile apps for your mobile devices to deliver immediate access to specific resources and information needed on the go.

Quick deployment

Publish custom mobile apps to Google Play and the App Store for iOS and Android devices.

More features

Employee Directory

Our Employee Directory brings together staff information into an easy search experience in Office 365.The directory works in conjunction with our AI and Bot technology, ensuring your employee information is always accurate and up to date.
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LiveSmiles is a movement to accelerate the discussion of wellness into an active and intrinsic part of work, and to ultimately drive happier and healthier people both at work and at home.
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