Webinar: The AI-powered Staff Directory for the Public Sector that is always up-to-date

Imagine if your staff directory was ALWAYS up-to-date!

Learn about our AI-powered Staff Directory for the Public Sector

”Over 80% of company directories are missing the core information to make Office 365 Successful.”

How can AI take your SharePoint & Office365 intranet to the next level?

At LiveTiles, our Hyperfish solution understands what’s missing or incorrect from your directory and profiles, and automatically starts a conversation with your employees (wherever they may be) to collect and validate their information. This fully secure service supports online, hybrid, and on-premises environments.

Profile data is critical to the success of your intelligent workplace and vital to team collaboration in the public sector. Our solutions can offer the next generation, smart people-experiences – including our just released Live Directory.

Join us for this live, interactive webinar and learn about:

– The vital role employee profiles play in the success and adoption of your digital workplace in the public sector;
– How your intranet can support effective cross-team and geography collaboration;
– How you can dramatically reduce the effort required to keep employee information complete, accurate and up to date.

Presented by Agnes Blok, Public Sector Innovation Manager at LiveTiles and Chris Johnson, CTO at Hyperfish.