Webinar: Practical Use Cases for Chatbots in Education with Microsoft

Chatbots are and will fundamentally change the education industry, all the way from Kindergarten to University Institutions. AI and Bot technology have already started to transform collaboration and communication between staff and students. Even more exciting is how students will be “educated”, with regards to access to content and knowledge.

Have you started thinking about your AI and Bot strategy? What would be your first use case for a bot in your organization? Many education institutions worldwide are already deploying Bots by leveraging Microsoft Azure Bot Framework. Don’t get left behind!

Join us for a Live Webinar co-hosted with Microsoft as we discuss how you can use Chatbots to improve the accessibility and processes between existing information and portals, improve staff and student communication and create efficient process during the student lifecycle from onboarding to graduation.


  • A brief history of Bot and AI technology and why it matters to your organization
  • The 4 different types of bots and their purpose
  • Education bot use cases & LiveTiles education bot customer examples – how these bots are transforming education
  • How to implement a bot successfully in your business
  • How you can effectively remove the time, cost and risk barriers to implementing a tailored bot by having your bot built on the Microsoft Azure Bot Framework

Led by Dennis Helms, Innovation and Experience Lead

Held in partnership with Microsoft.