Webinar: Improve Your Intranet Experience With Data Driven Decisions

Make Intranet decisions based on facts, not fiction.

Don’t take it personally, even the best looking and functional Intranets are not always properly leveraged! Many organizations lack the analytics and real-time data to monitor how their sites and pages are being used from a granular perspective. This ultimately means that they are unable to keep their digital workplace alive and evolving to meet their users’ needs.

How are you currently reviewing, managing and amending your Intranet to meet your evolving team’s needs?

Our upcoming webinar, “Improve your team’s Intranet experience with data-driven decisions” will provide you with practical insights on the analytics you should be tracking across your Intranet, so you can maintain user engagement and get the most out of your technology investment.

Topics discussed on this live webinar include:

  • How to maintain user experience and engagement post Intranet build
  • The benefits of making Intranet site decisions based on facts, not fiction
  • Analytics and data examples that keep your Intranet alive – what you should be monitoring
  • LiveTiles Intelligence Demo – the leading Intranet real-time analytics tool

Presented by Cynthia Beldner, Innovation and Experience Director at LiveTiles