Panel: How to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the enterprise – a business leaders discussion

Panel discussion presented by LiveTiles and Monash University.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of those technology terms that has become ubiquitous like cloud, SaaS, platform – but what does it all mean anyway?

There is plenty of technical information in the market on AI for those who want to learn about the vast AI algorithms and you can also find plenty of general interest content on the impact AI will have on our society, however, there is limited practical information on how to successfully implement AI into an organization.

Given that AI has only recently been introduced to the workplace practical insights on how to successfully implement this impactful technology are still being learned. Here are just some of the critical questions business leaders are asking when it comes to the application of AI in their organization:

  • How do you develop an Enterprise AI Strategy?
  • How do you prepare your organization to succeed in AI projects?
  • How do you manage important stakeholders and attract technical talent?
  • How do you identify opportunities for AI adoption within your organization and develop a business plan for implementation and deployment?
  • What are popular AI applications for common business functions?
  • What technology partners should you be working with?
  • How do you introduce AI ethically in your organization?

Overwhelmed? Don’t be! LiveTiles in partnership with Monash University will be co-hosting a panel discussion moderated by award-winning journalist and Monash alumna (BA) Ebony Bowden on the business leaders guide to applying AI in the enterprise. You do not want to miss this event, as this group of panelists share their tangible experiences on the questions above. Meet other business and technology leaders at this event who are also seeking advice and answers on how to best get traction with AI in their organization.


Ebony Bowden, Journalist, Monash Alumni - BA