How to Transform Intelligently with AI | Baltimore

Get AI ready with RDA and LiveTiles

According to a recent PWC study, 75% of US companies do not have an AI strategy, leaving them exposed to the next disruptive industrial revolution.

You would have heard of digital transformation, but have you heard of Intelligent Transformation?

Digital transformation is the adoption of new technologies to help modernize your legacy technologies, so you can update your existing business processes. But why transform at all if you’re not prepared to be intelligent about it?

Intelligent transformation requires an organization to improve its business processes and employees’ experience with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. It forces you to reimagine your existing business processes, thoroughly reviewing common business challenges and inefficiencies that are hindering your team and productivity.

Given that AI has only recently been introduced to the workplace, practical insights on how to embark on an Intelligent Transformation and implement AI in the enterprise are still being learned.

RDA, in partnership with LiveTiles, is hosting an AI event you do not want to miss: “How to transform intelligently with AI”. Join us as we share practical strategies on how you can adopt AI in your workplace.

Join us at Barrel Room in Guinness Brewery for a chance to network with IT and Business leaders who are also looking to introduce AI in their business over food and drinks.

Topics to be discussed:

  • What is Intelligent Transformation?
  • What does an Intelligent Workplace look like?
  • What are popular AI applications for common business functions? Real customer AI and chatbot use cases.
  • How do you drive Intelligent Transformation in your organization?
  • What is your AI maturity?
  • Getting started with an AI strategy – “RDA and LiveTiles ChatBot workshop”.

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