CIO Edge Sydney 2019

LiveTiles is sponsoring CIO Edge Sydney 2019 – Digital Execution: Tear Down the Silos

In our complex and changing world, every company is now competing via technology and the business model, and tech decisions CIOs are making now are more critical than ever. For Australia to keep up, our organisations need to operate like digital companies, or risk being replaced by them.

As CIO, you must have the right answers – but we live at hyper speed, with such little time to think, and even less room for error. Your challenge is how to catch up and keep up with so many emerging tech and external market forces, whilst managing internal politics, processes, projects and stakeholders – and all at the unrelenting speed of modern business.

In this complex world you need the right information to make the right decisions.

But in this ocean of noise, with an overwhelming amount of information sources, how do you filter reality from hype to ensure your current knowledge and abilities are enough?

Adapt’s CIO Edge 2019 aims to give you the EDGE you need.