Customer Story:

UK Ministry of Defence

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The Customer

Ministry of Defence is the British Government department responsible for implementing the defence policy set by Her Majesty’s Government. Its principal objectives are to defend the United Kingdom and its interests, provide strategic intelligence and to strengthen international peace and stability. The UK regular forces are comprised of full-time trained and untrained personnel in the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force.

Product Used:

LiveTiles Design


With LiveTiles, MoD built an active online community and an engaging communications portal in just four weeks. LiveTiles has helped bring together the MoD’s business units and partner network to ensure operation continuity and security of sensitive data.


The Challenge

The MoD works with multiple stakeholders and business support and operational units
across the country. It was essential to create an online community to connect these key partners together, such as industry experts and academics, and provide them with access to the right counterpart at the MoD.

Its biggest challenge was an outdated and segmented
digital environment with resources, information and news items scattered among teams and a vast network of specialist partners.

With complex internal processes and the need to
secure and privileged information, MoD needed
a way to consolidate classified data and create a platform to ensure an efficient line of communication between its business units while removing any insufficiencies that could affect security.

The Solution

Drawn to the flexibility and ease-of-use of LiveTiles Design, the MoD built a reliable and secure communications platform called Nexus in just four weeks.

MoD integrated applications, resources and news items on a custom-branded dashboard that is ensuring no one is missing out on vital information or news.

Built on SharePoint without the need to know or write code, Nexus is an intuitive dashboard that delivers superior user experiences that has everyone
on the same page with news items, user comments, resources, latest events and trending discussions.

LiveTiles has helped us produce an excellent website. They have done what they said they would do, when they said they would do it, and, I suspect, have gone ‘above and beyond’ on occasion.

Lieutenant Colonel Julian Salusbury

The Result

The MoD says Nexus is the quickest web-based projects it’s ever completed.

With a no code tool, LiveTiles provided the flexibility to quickly deploy a leading-edge solution that brought resources together to maintain a strategic base and integrated global support network. An active online community of MoD staff and stakeholders creating, sharing and collaborating on content that includes an information repository, articles, announcements, videos, commentary, events, calendars and more.

LiveTiles allowed MoD to accelerate its digital transformation project faster and more securely than other solutions, providing the canvas and tools to create a custom-branded dashboard for a critical Government department.

Nexus has demolished silos between its vast network of partners, providing an easy to use and agile portal which ensures business continuity.

“Reliable, available and determined to find solutions, LiveTiles has been a key part of this project and I am grateful for their hard work and dedication.”

Lieutenant Colonel Julian Salusbury
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