Customer Story

Leading building material retail in Northern Europe.

The Customer

Founded in the Danish city, Aarhus, in 1896, Stark Group is the leading retailer and distributor of building
materials in the Nordic region with more than 400 stores in six European countries.

The Stats

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Employees in Stark Group
Stark solution

On our former intranet, we could push out information to the stores, but the communication went one-way, from headquarter to stores. With our current Wizdom intranet, we have opened the dialogue.

Tonya Bille Nielsen, Communications Consultant in STARK Denmark at Stark

The Challenge

Stark Group is distributed over four business units across six countries each with their own digital workplace built on the same framework. With Stark’s previous intranet, communication was HQ-centric and amplified one way out to the business. The challenge was to create a digital workplace that gave all staff the ability to share and access news and knowledge, that better
connected them to other units and fostered a greater sense of company unity.

The Solution

To better understand the needs of Stark Denmark as a whole, Communications Consultant Tonya Bille Nielsen, held workshops with key personnel from across the business. Based at Stark headquarters in Denmark, Tonya views those working across Stark’s 400 stores as her customers. Those stakeholders communicated a desire for greater connection to the other parts of the business, better knowledge sharing between HQ, business units and stores, as well as greater clarity around campaigns and products. Tonya looked to Wizdom to create ‘Toolbox’, the digital workplace of Stark Denmark, designed for optimal information clarity, communication, and knowledge sharing. “On our former intranet, we could push out information to the stores, but the communication went one-way… With our current Wizdom intranet, we have been able to open the dialogue” says Tonya. With Wizdom, all business units now have the freedom to create unique content and functionality.

The Result

While previously only HQ could publish news, now all employees can contribute content using the Noticeboard Module, access forum where they can join discussions and ask questions, as well as access up to-date campaign information so they can be best prepared. Staff can also easily access manuals, FAQ’s policies and procedures. To get clarity over all product categories STARK designed a product portal on Wizdom’s Workspaces module. The portal has space for each product category where Stark employees can learn more about the category and connect with relevant experts. Tonya has observed that, “People are starting to share knowledge with each other…removing barriers and shortening the distance between stores in the region…I think this creates a lot of value for the business”.

The result is a digital workplace that connects distributed teams, promotes news and knowledge sharing and unifies the various units of the Stark Denmark organization .

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