PepsiCo: A LiveTiles Customer Story


PepsiCo is a global food and beverage leader, with products like Quaker, Tropicana, Gatorade, Frito-Lays and Pepsi-Cola loved throughout the world.


Unite your teams…

Like any large organization, PepsiCo faced challenges with collaboration and connecting its business units scattered across the globe.

Looking for a tool to unite its resources and bring teams together, PepsiCo used LiveTiles to build a mobile-friendly intelligent workplace for its 300,000 people.

With a no code solution to building engaging team pages over SharePoint, PepsiCo are driving communication and efficiency across the business by consolidating its teams’ applications and resources on a single screen.

With easy to build solutions…

With a mobile-friendly dashboard that has the features, applications and resources its people use every day, PepsiCo has created a workplace that is truly its own. 

LiveTiles empowers the people who best know the business requirements to build and design intelligent workplaces over Office 365, SharePoint or Azure with simple to use ‘drag and drop’ no-code features. 

Anyone has the ability to turn concepts into reality and build engaging pages that integrate with simple AI technology and almost any third party business application such as SalesForce, WorkDay, Dropbox, Google Drive and social media feeds.



With LiveTiles, PepsiCo’s teams across the world access their resources, company news and business applications on a single screen.

With a library of pre-coded ‘drag and drop’ features ensuring rapid design and huge UX cost savings, PepsiCo used LiveTiles to build engaging dashboards over SharePoint that have increased collaboration by uniting its people and its resources. 

With a simplified SharePoint experience, PepsiCo has over 1,200 people from across the business (including marketing, HR and admin) designing and building workplace solutions with no code. 

LiveTiles is ‘design at the speed of thought’, giving you the tools to transform your workplace by connecting business applications and resources on a winning user experience.

Man Working on a Responsive Web Design

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