Michael Hill Jewelers: A LiveTiles Customer Story


Michael Hill is a global jewelry brand headquartered in Queensland, Australia

Struggling with SharePoint

Michael Hill wanted SharePoint’s document management functionality, but not its user experience.

Daniel Hawkins, Michael Hill’s Global IT Operations Manager, turned to LiveTiles to help the company finally utilize SharePoint and deliver an engaging platform to circulate news and resources from head office to its 300 stores around the world.

“We had several attempts at a SharePoint strategy, but it was difficult to push over the line and get our stores to engage with it,” he said.

“It wasn’t until I saw LiveTiles that we really had the missing piece in the jigsaw.”

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A global communications hub

With LiveTiles and its library of ‘drag and drop’ features, Michael Hill utilized SharePoint and built a communication platform called HO Documents. 

Now, Michael Hill’s 300 stores access company updates, expense forms, policies and Yammer feeds on a single dashboard. 

Instead of files taking days to reach their stores across the world, communication is instant and resources are easy to find. 

“HO Documents has become a central hub for our retail stores and the place to come if you want to know anything about the business,” Daniel said. 



With HO Documents, Michael Hill has brought its global business together and made the most of limited IT resources.

“Our challenge was how were going to utilize the advantages of SharePoint, but deliver an engaging front end. With LiveTiles we found the solution,” Daniel said. 

“We’ve transformed files and folders into a communication platform that has changed the way we access resources, company news and business applications,” he said. 

LiveTiles simplifies the SharePoint experience, giving anyone the ability to build engaging solutions that are tailored to their business’ needs.  

“There’s now this one place, this knowledge base, that has everything our people need on an intuitive and stunning dashboard,” Daniel said.

“People are finding what they want and we know it’s working because we’re not seeing as many IT requests.”

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