Campbell Global: A LiveTiles Customer Story

Campbell Global goes global with LiveTiles

Campbell Global is a timberland investment company based in Portland, Oregon. As a full-service firm, Campbell Global acquires and manages timberland for investors, while seeking to provide the highest quality service and expert management.

Knowing it had to utilize the capabilities of SharePoint, LiveTiles was a ‘godsend’ for Campbell Global. With ‘drag and drop’ features, the firm used LiveTiles to build a digital workplace and a truly global organization.

SharePoint simplified

Campbell Global brought its workplace to life with LiveTiles, using its library of pre-coded ‘drag and drop’ features to create ‘The Landing’. With a mobile-friendly dashboard that integrates resources and business applications on a single pane of glass, Campbell Global has a digital workplace that has boosted productivity and put its global employees on the same page (literally).


SharePoint simplified

Campbell Global recently upgraded its IT platform, and like many others was faced with utilizing SharePoint to deliver an intranet that combines flexibility, functionality and a dynamic user experience.

For Shannon Callantine, Campbell Global’s Publications Designer, LiveTiles was a ‘godsend’.

“Our biggest concern when we migrated over was how we were going use SharePoint and make something that is visually appealing where people actually want to use it and like it,” she said.

“I enjoy the challenge of taking a blank slate and turning it into a visually appealing product.”

Initially, Shannon was worried that developing something that looked good with the functionality the business required was beyond her skill set.

“My background is graphic design, I know very little about coding or the technical side of things. I enjoy the challenge of taking a blank slate and turning it into a visually appealing product.” Shannon said.

“So when I saw LiveTiles and how easily I could create and customize SharePoint I was thrilled. We didn’t need to hire a third-party to come in and help us code our site, which would’ve cost us a lot of money.”

Campbell Global and LiveTiles
Campbell Global solution

“People really appreciate that everything is
just there – there’s no, ‘where did I save
that’ anymore.”

I just started dropping tiles

With no SharePoint expertise, Shannon used LiveTiles to create ‘The Landing’ – named after a cleared centralized area in the woods where logs are gathered for loading onto trucks for shipment.

“We thought it was a perfect name for our intranet as a place for all employees to come and share information and communicate with others,” Shannon said.

With a library of ‘drag and drop’ tiles at her disposal, Shannon has replaced disparate web links with a seamless digital workplace and a central dashboard that displays all the information staff need on a single screen.

“It’s been really easy. I just started playing around and dropping tiles,” Shannon said.

“You can pretty much drop a tile on the page and there’s no longer any need for someone to click anywhere else. People really appreciate that everything is just there. There’s no, ‘where did I save that’ anymore.”

Campbell Global
mobile solution

Access anywhere

Utilizing SharePoint Online has allowed Campbell Global to go truly global, connecting its staff in Brazil, New Zealand, Australia and the U.S. The Landing is mobile friendly, giving teams the ability to connect seamlessly across devices, between departments and beyond time zones.

“We can all access the same dashboard, no matter where we are. You can be in the airport on your phone and our page is right there,” Shannon said.

“I’ve created a page that includes each country’s sale list. They just go to one site and they can see the top 15 acquisitions we’re working on, or they can update the information. And it’s all live.”