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LiveTiles: Your Mobile Digital Workplace

In this age where everything from hiring a car to ordering takeout only takes a few taps on a… Jan 17,2017 5 min read
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Android vs. iPhone: which is best…

More often than not, you have your work cut out for you on an average day in the office.… Jan 17,2017 4 min read
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How to create a mobile-responsive portal…

Is there any industry more fast-paced than real estate? Most customers comprehend from personal experience how quickly properties… Jan 17,2017 4 min read
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Sold: on LiveTiles real estate marketing…

When it comes to real estate marketing, it’s important to stand out. Aside from being knowledgeable and having connections… Jan 17,2017 8 min read
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Designing a SharePoint portal with LiveTiles

Real estate is a fast paced and demanding market. An operation can run the gamut and have anywhere between… Jan 11,2017 Four minutes read
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Make a SharePoint custom tile in…

At LiveTiles, our developers have been working to bring you the latest digital trends and cloud-based applications in an… Jan 11,2017 Five Minutes read
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Increase intranet mobile engagement with beautiful…

UX designers all over the world have been adapting to the impact mobile devices and tablets have had in… Jan 10,2017
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How to create a unifying office…

Every business wants to attract the best employees, but not every business knows how to do this. Increasingly, the… Jan 10,2017
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Foundation SP shares tips for a…

Transformation. It's become a bit of a buzzword over the past few years. Walking down the neon lit centers… Jan 09,2017
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LiveTiles and ADDCOM IT Services &…

  The digital workplace comes with more complexity, and more opportunities than ever. LiveTiles and our partners at Jan 09,2017
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LiveTiles offers SharePoint branding without custom…

LiveTiles has good news for anyone whose ever wanted SharePoint branding without having to struggle with custom coding. We’ve… Jan 06,2017
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Speak up: voice your opinions in…

You're presented with a vast amount of choices in your life every day: get the kibble or canned food… Jan 06,2017