7 Components of a Successful Digital Workforce


The term “digital workforce” can sound like something out of the film The Matrix. If you think about it, the 1999 film predicted a lot of the realities in today’s work setting. We’re definitely spending more time in digital environments, both at home and at work. While we can’t quite download and install skills like Kung Fu directly into our brains and immediately brag, “I know Kung Fu,” we have a wide array of tools that can help us work smarter and faster.



Expert: Marcus Vinícius Bittencourt
DBA SQL Server at Grupo Boticario



“I’m passionate about how information is stored, how teams work with this information and how to manipulate this information to do good things. How can we transform this data and information to create new things. I believe there are no limits to the ways we can transform our world, and technology is one of the most important ways to help with this transformation.”

So what are the key elements needed to create an effective digital workplace? Marcus Vinícius Bittencourt is an MVP in Data Platform and a SQL Server Pass Regional Mentor. He shares his expertise in the areas of database architecture and troubleshooting, and identifies 7 core components to design a productive digital workplace.


Source: https://dupress.com/articles/digital-transformation-in-government/

7 Elements of a Successful Digital Workplace:

1. Communication
When people work together, talking out loud is one of the most important tools they utilize to solve problems and collaborate effectively. It’s so simple we almost forget about it. Unfortunately, the ability to work out loud gets trickier in digital settings. Simply put, it’s critical to ensure that easy communication is still available.

2. Digital Collaboration
The days of the office as a physical space are dwindling. In reality, many of today’s workers expect the ability to work from home if, for example, there is inclement weather or their child is ill. Digital collaboration tools give employees the freedom they need to work effectively.

3. Network Leadership
Bittencourt emphasizes that successful management is key to creating a collaborative and efficient intranet. After all, without proper management no tool can reach its full potential.

4. Radical Transparency
Transparency goes hand-in-hand with successful leadership, and helps improve employee engagement. Involving staff in the decision making process ensures workers feel a sense of ownership and improves user adoption.

5. Scalability
Companies look for potential future growth, and they need a digital workplace that is designed to expand with them.

6. Adaptability
Unexpected situations arise. Therefore, a digital workplace should not only be designed to develop with the expected growth of a company, but should be adaptable in order to handle the inevitable monkey wrench that may get thrown in its way.

7. Agility
In business, agility describes the ability to recognize an emerging opportunity and respond appropriately with minimal lag time. In the IT realm, agility is the concept that an organization’s network should work in tandem with business agility.

According to Bittencourt, the purpose of technology is “to find ways to simplify our lives.”  Digital tools have already vastly simplified the way we work. When was the last time you saw a typewriter or a bottle of whiteout? The possibilities are truly endless.

About Marcus Vinicius Bittencourt:
Marcus Vinicius Bittencourt is a MVP Data Platform and SQL SERVER PASS Regional Mentor, responsible for user groups in Brazil, and also Chapter Leader of SQL Server RS, a local group about SQL Server in Brazil. He is an SQL Server DBA specializing in infrastructure, with 10 years of experience in SQL Server. He received his bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from the University of Caxias do Sul. He is an SQL Troubleshooting, Performance Counters and Storage Expert, and also a speaker in the SQL Server community. He is also creator of the YouTube channel “SQL8K” and Canal 4IT technical content portal for the community.


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