5 Personalized Learning Platforms for the Classroom

In an open letter to his daughter, Mark Zuckerberg recently stressed the importance of personalized learning and the impact it will have on future generations. Although still in its infancy, with further development and investment, personalized learning has the potential to not only change the way we think about education, but make quality education more accessible.

5 Personalized Learning Platforms for the Classroom

Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/report-new-mcgraw-hill-education-research-finds-more-than-80-percent-of-students-use-mobile-technology-to-study-300047130.html

The foundations of personalized learning, or adaptive learning to some, are Learner Profiles and PLPs (Personalized Learning Plans).

Learner profiles document individual students’ strengths and gap areas, goals and learning styles and other important data. They allow teachers to better visualize and access the needs of a student and implement a personalized learning plan for that student.

PLPs are strategies created from learner profiles for achieving academic success based on individual needs. As “living documents,” they can be revisited and revised daily, constantly evolving to meet the needs of students.

Both of these tenets form the basis on which personalized learning platforms are built. Here are five that are being instituted in the digital classroom right now.

5 Personalized Learning Platforms:

1. Gooru:
Gooru is a learning navigator that allows teachers to curate content from multimedia to digital textbooks, making them instantly accessible to K-12 students. Students also have access to real-time data, helping them understand exactly what is required to reach their goals.

2. Knewton: 
Knewton is an analytics-based platform that makes recommendations to students in real-time based on their learning style, and caters content to their individual needs.

3. Highlight: 
Highlight allows administrators to track which tech products are working well and how they are being implemented in the classroom.

4. Cerego:
Cerego is an algorithms-based platform that assesses individual memory retention and creates an optimal schedule for efficiently-guided learning.

5. Acrobatique: 
With its Smart Author tools, Acrobatique allows teachers to create intuitive and personalized online courses.

Personalized learning platforms can be beneficial, but the major hurdles to instituting them remain resources and training. Zuckerberg understands this, and sees these challenges as a further call to action. As he so aptly says, “Once we understand the world we can create for your generation, we have a responsibility as a society to focus our investments on the future to make this reality.”

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