What We Do

Our intelligent intranet software empowers you to create consumer-grade experiences for your employees using responsive UI design, site-wide analytics, intelligent people directory and personal, team, HR and corporate bot assistants.


Build engaging intelligent workplaces with simple drag-and-drop design tools, making it easy to access and share information.

Business Communications

Integrate popular social networks and business applications with your LiveTiles intelligent workplace, so you can work more efficiently.

Content Management

Bring all your applications into a single pane of glass, and control the chaos to easily create, publish, and organize content across all your sites. 

virtual assistants

Let bots take care of mundane, repetitive tasks so you can take back your day.


Generate actionable insights to optimize your portals for the best possible user experience.

What We Offer

LiveTiles' intranet software is simple, powerful, and easily extendable, enabling you to create your ideal workplace.

LiveTiles Design

Build an intelligent workplace that fosters collaboration, creativity, and makes accessing resources easy with our intranet software.

Livetiles bots

Bridge the gap between human and artificial intelligence to get the most out of your systems and your day.

Our Customers

Customers of all shapes, sizes, and verticals leverage LiveTiles to enhance their intelligent workplaces.

Ready to get started?

Revolutionize Productivity

Everyone works differently. Why should the workplace be standardized? Give your employees the means to customize the workplace to match their unique requirements.

Simplify Operations

Architect an intelligent workplace by connecting disparate business systems across all devices. Optimize your internal systems and facilitate collaboration throughout your organization.

Build for Your Future

Layer your digital workplace environment with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create a truly intelligent workplace that provides real-time feedback on information architecture and design.